Electrical advice from our master electricians on our blog
Electrical advice from our master electricians on our blog
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New Home? Have Your Wiring Inspected By A Licensed Electrician

Blog Bullet-e 50Moving into a new home can be a very exciting experience. Most new home owners have a home inspection completed before purchasing their new home. Many home inspectors do a very thorough job on their inspection report. Sometimes they note on their inspection report to have some items looked at by a licensed electrician. This is always a good idea whether it is listed on the report or not. We can tell a lot about a home by the wiring methods present in it, by looking at the age of the outlets and switches, by the electrical panel condition, and by the way the electrical system has been maintained. We can typically tell if the previous wiring in your home was done by a handyman or by a licensed electrician. If you’re a new home owner and have some concerns about your electrical system give Edison Electric Inc. a call at 612.385.7864.

If you’re thinking of listing your home on the market or looking to buy a new home and not sure what steps to take we have worked with some of the best Realtors in town. Give Jon or Dan a call at:
Jon Miskowiec (Lifestyles) 763.229.4965
Dan Sibinski (Greater Midwest Realty) 763.350.5850


Why Edison And Electric Go Together

Blog Bullet-e 50Thomas Alva Edison is an American inventor who captured the imagination of the world by inventing products and devices which could be used to enhance every day living.  We named our company after Edison because we wanted to use ingenuity in electricity to do great things for people, just like he did.

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We take inspiration from many of the things Thomas Edison has done.  Although Edison didn’t invent electricity or the incandescent light bulb; he created the first practical incandescent light bulb that could be used by the public.  Like Thomas Edison, our company didn’t invent electrical service for homeowners; we are just trying everyday to make it better.

Couple facts about Thomas Edison:

  • Teachers said Edison was “addled.”  Edison was home schooled by his mother and he said it made all the difference “My mother was the making of me.”
  • Edison was partially deaf… and he liked it that way claiming it helped his concentration.
  • At 14 years old Edison saved a boy from a runaway boxcar.  The boy’s dad was so grateful he showed Edison how to operate a telegraph machine.
  • Edison had a mysterious tattoo on his forearm

Provide Your Electronic Devices Surge Protection From The Storm

Blog Bullet-e 50It’s that time of year when the Minnesota State High School Hockey and Basketball Tournaments get under way, spring training is going on in Florida and the college basketball tournament begins. If you’re a sports fan this is an exciting time and a good way to help pass the remaining winter. If you have invested your money on a nice flat screen television to watch March madness, remember to protect your investment by installing whole house surge protection at your electrical panel.

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Installing a whole house surge protector at the electrical point of entrance to your home and utilizing point of use surge traps will prolong the life of your flat screen television and protect it against the normal everyday surges wreaking havoc on your system.

Electrical surges occur in every home multiple times everyday and come from various places in the electrical system. Due to the increased demand for power in the U.S., electrical spikes and poor power quality are a problem on the rise. Poor power quality from your utility will erode the motherboards in your washing machine, dryer, furnace, refrigerator and computer towers until they finally give out.

Without whole house surge protection, smaller devices like ipads, cell phones and flat screen televisions are caught in an electrical hailstorm without protection. Whole house surge protectors provide an all encompassing shelter to all of your electrical equipment at once by immediately submerging voltage spikes down to a level that is acceptable to your device. Get the most out of your flat screen television and have whole house surge protection installed on your next visit; you’ll be glad you did. 651.587.5512.


Who’s Responsible For Damage To Your Electrical Service?

Blog Bullet-e 50When damage has occurred to your electrical service, sometimes it can be confusing to know who is responsible for what.  Overhead power lines create the most problems and confusion when speaking of electrical outages at the home.

Generally speaking, the overhead power lines and the connections to your wires are the power company’s responsibility.  The electric meter is also the power company’s.

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The weather head, mast & wires and the meter base (the piece the meter sits in) is the homeowner’s responsibility.  Any damage to these components are repaired at the homeowner’s expense.

Downed power lines are a common occurrence year round and are extremely dangerous. Remember, stay away from downed power lines and call the power company before you call us

Xcel Energy 1-800-895-1999
Connexus 763-323-2650
Dakota Electric 1-800-430-9722


Ice Dams

Blog Bullet-e 50Ice dams are a problem this time of year… Using a snow rake to keep the snow six feet above your gutter helps prevent the problem. Do not use a hammer and a chisel to remove your ice dams, call a professional and they will use a steamer, your roof will thank you for it.

Preventative measure: Having electric de-icing cables (heat tape) installed can automatically help eliminate ice dam build up, most heat cables have moisture sensors to heat only when needed. Heat cables free up pathways for water and ice to escape and should be installed by a professional. A heat cable installation would be best installed in non winter months and usually require a dedicated electrical circuit.

If you’ve had water damage in your ceilings and walls and you think your electrical system has been affected, give us a call and we’ll come check things out.


Did You Know Your Circuit Breakers Need Exercise?

Blog Bullet-e 50Our electricians advise our customers to exercise the circuit breakers in their electrical panels at least once per year by turning them off and on three to four times (unplug your computers and flat screens)! This is very important to ensuring the circuit breaker won’t jam if called upon to trip during an electrical problem. Circuit breakers are electromechanical devices that need exercise to get the grease flowing… Jammed circuit breakers = Fires!