Electrical advice from our master electricians on our blog
Electrical advice from our master electricians on our blog
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Who’s Responsible For Damage To Your Electrical Service?

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Blog Bullet-e 50When damage has occurred to your electrical service, sometimes it can be confusing to know who is responsible for what.  Overhead power lines create the most problems and confusion when speaking of electrical outages at the home.

Generally speaking, the overhead power lines and the connections to your wires are the power company’s responsibility.  The electric meter is also the power company’s.


The weather head, mast & wires and the meter base (the piece the meter sits in) is the homeowner’s responsibility.  Any damage to these components are repaired at the homeowner’s expense.

Downed power lines are a common occurrence year round and are extremely dangerous. Remember, stay away from downed power lines and call the power company before you call us

Xcel Energy 1-800-895-1999
Connexus 763-323-2650
Dakota Electric 1-800-430-9722


Ice Dams

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Blog Bullet-e 50Ice dams are a problem this time of year… Using a snow rake to keep the snow six feet above your gutter helps prevent the problem. Do not use a hammer and a chisel to remove your ice dams, call a professional and they will use a steamer, your roof will thank you for it.

Preventative measure: Having electric de-icing cables (heat tape) installed can automatically help eliminate ice dam build up, most heat cables have moisture sensors to heat only when needed. Heat cables free up pathways for water and ice to escape and should be installed by a professional. A heat cable installation would be best installed in non winter months and usually require a dedicated electrical circuit.

If you’ve had water damage in your ceilings and walls and you think your electrical system has been affected, give us a call and we’ll come check things out.


The Value Of The Protection Plan

Monday, October 7th, 2013

If you do not have an Edison Electric Valued Member Protection Plan here is why you should. Our protection plan saves our customers 15% off all electrical work completed within 12 months of the purchase of your plan. This in itself pays for the protection plan for most of our customers. You will not be charged a dispatch fee during our normal business hours. During our emergency service hours you will pay a low $79 dispatch fee. Many other electrical contractors charge that for their normal dispatch fee. You will receive a complementary inspection of your electrical panel, GFCI’s, AFCI’s, and smoke detectors.

Ask about our protection plan on your electricians next visit.



What Type of Generator Do You Need?

Thursday, August 1st, 2013


June Storms In Minnesota

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

It is difficult to understand the random nature of a powerful storm and the property damage it leaves behind.  One family loses their roof yet their neighbor’s house is unscathed, garbage cans didn’t even blow over.  After the June storms had passed, many Minneapolis residents were left without power; some of the less fortunate were without power for more than a week.

When it came time for getting power restored, many homeowners were told by the power company that they needed electrical repairs performed first.  It didn’t take long for the phone to ring off the hook at Edison Electric.  We performed work for many Minneapolis residents and our crews worked tirelessly replacing damaged masts and meter sockets.  We were really amazed at how pleasant all of these unfortunate residents were to work for, even though they had no power and trees laying uprooted, sideways in their yards.

For Edison Electric it was a hectic time with long hours.  We didn’t get to meet some of our customers who we performed work for because they were out of town when the storms came through or weren’t available for other reasons.  Sometimes when we get that busy time can go by in a blur and saying thank you can get lost in the chaos.  So we would like to take a moment to let all of our customers know that we sincerely appreciate your business.  We hope our service exceeded your expectations.  We hope everyday life is back to normal and things are good.

Most of the service calls we went to during this period were all similar in nature, however the required repair work varied from house to house.  Below are some pictures of the work we did on a five unit apartment building in south Minneapolis that had been without power for 4 days when we arrived. A tree limb had fallen on the utility lines and ripped the electrical mast from the outside wall of the house.  The previous electrical equipment did not meet the current standards of the electrical code or the power company metering requirements.  The electrical meters needed to be moved to the rear exterior of the home, the fuse panels needed to be replaced and the grounding needed to be updated

In total, the building was without power for over a week.  The people who live here were absolute champions and handled the inconvenience with grace.  The job was an undertaking but in the end everything worked out great.

072513-Apt Bldg Fix


Electrical Emergencies

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Electrical emergencies rarely occur at convenient times. More likely than not, it will be the coldest day of the year when the power goes out or you’ll be blow drying your hair for an important gathering when the circuit breaker fails and your house goes dark. In each of these scenarios, you cannot wait for days for an electrical technician to come to your rescue. You need immediate assistance.

There is sometimes confusion as to what should be classified as an electrical emergency, as well as who should be contacted to handle particular scenarios. An electrical technician is needed in each of the following situations*:

  • If you smell an electrical burning odor
  • If your circuit breaker fails
  • If you hear crackling noise in switches
  • If you see any scorched areas around electrical outlets or wiring
  • If your lights flicker repeatedly
  • If you have to constantly reset your circuit breaker

These warning signs can indicate more serious electrical problems. Most whole house power outages are not classified as an electrical emergency. In fact, power companies usually handle this problem because outages are typically the result of a disturbance to local power lines. Some power outages are the result of storm damage to your overhead service lines and service mast, which is attached to your house. If you experience a power outage, first try contacting your utility provider, then call professional, licensed electricians.

If you see any signs of a fire, immediately evacuate and call 911. Keep children and pets away from the dangerous area, and clear away any items or furniture that may obstruct the work area.