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Electrical advice from our master electricians on our blog
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A Properly Installed Cable Network Should Last 30 Years

Monday, October 21st, 2013

A properly installed network should last 30 years or until technology forces you to upgrade. If your Cat 5E or Cat 6 network was installed correctly you should not experience any problems. Here are some of the common mistakes made during installations that could cause problems on your network:

  1. Cabling is not properly supported or installed above the drop ceiling. Many times when you lift a ceiling tile in your office space you will see all kinds of cables laying on the ceiling grid. These cables can be damaged when other contractors are working in the ceiling or when simply lifting a ceiling tile. A properly supported network cabling system should be at least 5” off the grid allowing the ceiling tiles to be removed without damaging the cables.
  2. Cabling is installed directly above fluorescent light fixtures. Cabling should be kept at least 12” from fluorescent fixtures so there is not any interference from the fluorescent ballasts in your network. If your cabling is laying on top of these fixtures you may experience dropped packets or latency on your network.
  3. Bends or kinks in the cable during installation. If you get a bend or kink in the cable during installation the twists in the cable may become compromised causing latency and dropped data packets.
  4. Improperly terminated cable at either the jack or patch panel. The continuity may be correct but you can still have problems because of an improperly terminated cable. If the twists are un-twisted too much you may have a latency problem on your network.

Low Voltage Wiring Services, Telephone Wires, Fiber Optic Cable Installation Minneapolis MN

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Most telephone wires in larger cities are about 100 years old. The wires used to the regular old phone service go to a switch where the analog voice signal is digitized and most probably sent on through to a fiber optic cable. If your Minneapolis phone service wiring  is like most others, then it is made of copper, a material that has a very small bandwidth, about 3,000 Hz which was the standard for voice transmission years ago. However, with the advent of fiber optics, this is just too archaic today. Fiber optic can offer 1,000 times or more bandwidth, with distances of 100 times farther for often less cost. While copper offers about 24 voice channels over its lines, fiber optic can provide 32,000 and more when compared to the same amount, with less interference, too. The cost differences are about 1/100th of the cost of copper per voice channel; all this at a fraction of the size and weight of copper cables.

Fiber optics works great in rural areas as copper wire is more expensive to purchase, and will require repeaters every X-number of feet. This same fiber optic wire will not only travel longer distances, but it can be used to bring voice, bi-directional data, and CATV all in one line. There are few reasons other than cost that would influence the decisions to install fiber optics. It is certainly being used in new construction all the time, but those who are using older applications need to decide when they will be ready to make the upgrade. Like the old adage, “If it’s working now; don’t fix it.” This is certainly true in most cases, but when the time does come to upgrade to fiber optic cabling, make sure you contact Minneapolis’ premier electrical contractors to get the job done right. We have the experience it takes to make sure your wiring is superior in every regard. Give us a call to find out more if this sounds good to you. 612-385-7864


Fiber Optic Installation | Electrical Contractors Serving Roseville Minnesota

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Installing fiber optic cable is not like installing cable from years ago. Fiber optics systems need to be designed with care, to make sure that it will meet the needs of your current users, as well as future generations that will come to depend on this infrastructure, even more than we do today.

It takes an exceptional professional to design and install one of these systems properly, and an even better company to maintain it. At Edison Electric in Minneapolis, we can offer you both. We are specialists in all types of optical cabling for both fiber optics, and optical fibers. We do all the necessary installations, repair, and troubleshooting even if we didn’t install it in the first place. By the time we are finished, and put our stamp of approval on your system, you are covered for the next 15 years.

Our trained technicians take continuing education certifications to make sure they are up to date in this industry, so that we can bring you the very latest in fiber optic technology. We will be able to trouble shoot it and find out what’s wrong, and get you back online as quickly as possible. We understand the big picture, and will test each individual cable remotely to make sure that you are getting all that you deserve out of your system. This technology is changing so fast, systems of just 10 years ago are already becoming obsolete, so if you are having issues with your cabling, then give us a call to upgrade it now. We love what we do, and look forward to sharing that with you.

A lot can happen in 15 years, and you know it will, so get in the game and play by the rules; let Edison Electric take you to the next level this year, you will be glad you did. 612-385-7864


Lino Lakes Electrician – Optic Cabling Services

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Being somewhat out of the immediate metro, Lino Lakes, MN is one of the best regions to have cabling services to your home or business. Cabling services include things like fiber optic cables that allow voice and data to travel at the speed of light. With transmissions being cleaner and faster than the old copper cables, fiber optic cabling is definitely the way to go. The infrastructure of this technology is all set up; it is just up to individuals to bring it into their own homes and businesses now.

Finding a qualified fiber optic electrical contractor to install it without breaking it is something to be taken serious if you are going to invest in this kind of technology. The glass element within fiber optics can be cracked easily if not handled with caution, and this takes an experienced individual that has been trained in this procedure. Not all electricians know how to install cable properly. This is a specialty skill that is learned through experience and continuing education. It is not like a metallic cable that simply needs to be pulled through the wall. Only those trained in fiber optics should be the ones installing it as once it is in place, it will stay there long past your presence in the same space.

Electricians are not required to be trained in fiber optics in order to get their licenses, so if this service is something that you are considering, make sure you speak with us at Edison Electrical Contractors before you hand these sensitive materials over to just anyone. Proper installation will make a huge difference in your voice and data transmissions, video transmissions, and allow you to carry 10 times the information you ever could with traditional cabling. While fiber optics have a little higher cost up front, the improvements it will make in your overall communications is well worth it, just make sure you are handing your new found freedom to someone who can handle it. Edison Electrical Services are here for you. 612-385-7864


Fiber optics vs. Copper Wiring | Serving Minneapolis St Paul MN Metro

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

There are many advantages of fiber optics verses using copper wiring. The first one being that the loss of frequency in fiber optics is much less than with copper. Transmissions made on copper wiring require boosters when traveling over long distances, but with fiber optics, these are virtually nonexistent.  The main reason being that fiber optic technology is not based on frequency. 

Because of this no frequency technology, it is not as susceptible to interference as frequency technology is. Since frequency travels in waves, it can be interrupted are garbled in some circumstances. Since there is no frequency involved in fiber optics, there is no synchronized wavelength that has the potential to be interrupted. This makes fiber optics the perfect choice for businesses that must maintain electrical equipment that will not interfere with one another. Fiber optics is completely benign in this regard. This lack of frequency also makes fiber optics a cleaner transmission when it comes to security, as any breaks in communication would be easily detected right away.

However, it is usually the bandwidth, and traveling over a long distance that convinces most people to choose fiber optics over copper. With an unlimited bandwidth, and no repeaters, this makes for a much more cost effective system, with less potential for failure than anything else in the market. Fiber optics also takes up much less space that the old, bulky copper wiring. It is lighter in weight, easier to manipulate, and easier to come by than mining copper around the world so there is really no reason to continuing the use of copper with such a superior product available these days. Almost all new construction is adapting this technology, and those who have the means are replacing their current copper wiring as fast as they can. If any of these descriptions sounds like you, make sure you speak with an experienced and professional Minneapolis fiber optic installer at  Edison Electric. We know how to do things right. 612-385-7864