Electrical advice from our master electricians on our blog
Electrical advice from our master electricians on our blog
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Provide Your Electronic Devices Surge Protection From The Storm

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Blog Bullet-e 50It’s that time of year when the Minnesota State High School Hockey and Basketball Tournaments get under way, spring training is going on in Florida and the college basketball tournament begins. If you’re a sports fan this is an exciting time and a good way to help pass the remaining winter. If you have invested your money on a nice flat screen television to watch March madness, remember to protect your investment by installing whole house surge protection at your electrical panel.


Installing a whole house surge protector at the electrical point of entrance to your home and utilizing point of use surge traps will prolong the life of your flat screen television and protect it against the normal everyday surges wreaking havoc on your system.

Electrical surges occur in every home multiple times everyday and come from various places in the electrical system. Due to the increased demand for power in the U.S., electrical spikes and poor power quality are a problem on the rise. Poor power quality from your utility will erode the motherboards in your washing machine, dryer, furnace, refrigerator and computer towers until they finally give out.

Without whole house surge protection, smaller devices like ipads, cell phones and flat screen televisions are caught in an electrical hailstorm without protection. Whole house surge protectors provide an all encompassing shelter to all of your electrical equipment at once by immediately submerging voltage spikes down to a level that is acceptable to your device. Get the most out of your flat screen television and have whole house surge protection installed on your next visit; you’ll be glad you did. 651.587.5512.


Are You Ready For The Future? Step One…WHOLE HOUSE SURGE PROTECTION!

Monday, January 20th, 2014

e 200Before you take the leap into this confusing new age of modern household technology, take a read!

When you go to the hardware store, you probably see a lot of new gadgets, gizmos and strange looking light bulbs which promise energy savings, time savings and increased control of everything in your home. There is a wide variety of products.

Most homeowners want to get involved in making their home more energy efficient but they just don’t know how. There are so many new products out there; making it overwhelming for homeowners to make the right decisions when trying to get value.

Consumers always want the most bang for their buck, which has led to somewhat of a consumer waiting game in the technological evolution. A common concern plaguing customers is; a great product today could be obsolete in 6 months. It seems the technological tide changes daily. Our advice: take the leap, get involved. The right technology is finally here. The price is finally right. Your return on investment is finally practical.

But before you go all in and buy 30 LED light bulbs, I highly recommend protecting your investment with a whole house surge protector.

Whole house surge protectors are becoming the norm for people who want to ensure they get the most out of their investments in LED light bulbs, Nest thermostats, dimmer switches of the future, energy star appliances, smart tablets, smart televisions and so on.

All of the new technologies listed above are very vulnerable to voltage spikes and common everyday household surges. Do you ever wonder why your television just stopped working or the motherboard on your washing machine needed to be replaced? Chances are surge protection could have saved you downtime and your repair expense.

Whole house surge protectors act as an umbrella protecting your appliances and gadgets from voltage spikes and surges. Voltage spikes and surges occur thousands of times everyday; in every home in Minnesota.

Bottom line: If you have a whole house surge protector installed, your voltage spikes are directed away from your household electronics. If you don’t have a whole house surge protector installed, your electronics are taking a direct hit every day. Just one major surge from the power company changing grids could cost you every led light bulb in your house and then some.

So before you get started on modernizing the electronics in your home, protect your investment with confidence. Have a whole house surge protector installed by one of Edison Electric’s professional electricians. Our surge protectors come with a $75,000 warranty should it fail to protect your appliances! 651.587.5512. Call today!


Lights Flickering/Power Outlets Not Working

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

e 200A common call we receive is a customer’s lights are flickering and many outlets not working. This can be a very scary situation and should be reported immediately. Many times this is due to a loose connection in a home owner’s electrical panel or meter enclosure. Connections that are loose cause arcing at that connection. The arcing causes corrosion and the process of arcing starts over. Eventually there is no connection there and people have lost power to half of their house. If you notice that half of the power to your home is out do not attempt to run your 240 volt appliances. There may only be 120 volts at that appliance and it could be damaged if you try and run it. This can be prevented by have an electrician out to your home every year to complete an electrical panel and meter enclosure tune up. At Edison Electric we offer these services and they are included with the purchase of our valued member protection plan. Call us today at 651-587-5512 to schedule your panel tune up.


Shine A Light On Electricity For Holiday Decorating!

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Edison Electric‘Tis the season for outdoor holiday decorating, falalalala! It’s time to treat yourself to that exterior electrical outlet you always wanted; check our coupons and specials!

Here are some basic safety tips when you install your outdoor holiday decorations:

  • Make sure all outdoor lights and cords are plugged into an outlet that is GFCI protected to reduce the risk of electrical shock.
  • If you use an extension cord, make sure it’s long enough to meet your needs; don’t extend the cord by plugging it into another cord.
  • Make sure the cord is situated so it will not get pinched by a sharp angle or object.
  • Make sure the prongs of the electrical cord are fully plugged in and are not exposed.
  • Remember, extension cords are for temporary use only.
  • Inspect your extension cords before every use.
  • Plug into an outlet protected by an in-use bubble cover…

GFCI outlets can protect other outlets in the house. In many older homes the bathroom GFCI receptacle protects the outside receptacles. So if your outside lights don’t light up, check the following after you replace missing lamps:

  • Make sure the outlet is not controlled by a switch
  • Make sure a remote GFCI isn’t tripped in the bathroom or garage
  • Make sure your circuit breaker isn’t tripped

Leave the rest of the troubleshooting up to us! 651.587.5512


Tripping Circuit Breakers/Blowing Fuses

Monday, November 18th, 2013

e 200Is it common at your home to have to reset a circuit breaker or replace a fuse. Circuit breakers and fuses are designed to trip when there is an over load or short circuit. Most manufacturers recommend your breakers be replaced after 5-10 fault trips depending on the manufacture. If this is constantly happening in your home there is probably an issue. Many older homes have electrical systems that were designed to serve the appliances at the time they were wired. Today’s appliances have come a long way and have increased the demand of your homes electrical system. Here are some common problems we see.

  1. Microwave is not on dedicated circuit. Most standard microwaves require a dedicated circuit. You should be able to check your microwaves owner’s manual to see if the manufacture recommends a dedicated circuit for your microwave. Many times a new microwave replaces a range hood above a microwave. The microwave has a much larger demand than the range hood therefor the electrical to the range hood may not be adequate for a new microwave.
  2. Your kitchen appliance outlets are shared with lighting and power circuits that serve other areas in your home. Homes wired today have (2) dedicated 20A circuits to serve the kitchen counter top. Appliances used in your kitchen today use more electricity than they did 20 years ago.
  3. AC units do not have dedicated circuits. Window AC units typically draw between 1100-1500 watts. An appliance drawing this much should be on its own circuit so if other outlets and lights share this circuit you are probably over loading this circuit.
  4. Use of space heaters. These are similar to window AC units in what they draw. They typically draw between 1100-1500W. These should also be on a dedicated circuit unless they have multi-level settings and you keep it on low.
  5. Bathroom circuits shared with other lights and power outside of the bathroom. You will usually notice these circuits tripping when you are using your hair dryers and curling irons. Today bathrooms are required to be on 20A circuits and are not allowed to share the circuit with bedrooms, living rooms, or any other rooms other than bathrooms.

If you notice you are having problems with the same circuit’s tripping, pay attention to what you are doing and what is plugged in or in use when your breaker trips. It may be one large appliance your using that keeps over loading the circuit. This information will also be helpful for any electrician who is troubleshooting your circuit. If you have a circuit that is consistently tripping call Edison Electric today at 651-587-5512.


June Storms In Minnesota

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

It is difficult to understand the random nature of a powerful storm and the property damage it leaves behind.  One family loses their roof yet their neighbor’s house is unscathed, garbage cans didn’t even blow over.  After the June storms had passed, many Minneapolis residents were left without power; some of the less fortunate were without power for more than a week.

When it came time for getting power restored, many homeowners were told by the power company that they needed electrical repairs performed first.  It didn’t take long for the phone to ring off the hook at Edison Electric.  We performed work for many Minneapolis residents and our crews worked tirelessly replacing damaged masts and meter sockets.  We were really amazed at how pleasant all of these unfortunate residents were to work for, even though they had no power and trees laying uprooted, sideways in their yards.

For Edison Electric it was a hectic time with long hours.  We didn’t get to meet some of our customers who we performed work for because they were out of town when the storms came through or weren’t available for other reasons.  Sometimes when we get that busy time can go by in a blur and saying thank you can get lost in the chaos.  So we would like to take a moment to let all of our customers know that we sincerely appreciate your business.  We hope our service exceeded your expectations.  We hope everyday life is back to normal and things are good.

Most of the service calls we went to during this period were all similar in nature, however the required repair work varied from house to house.  Below are some pictures of the work we did on a five unit apartment building in south Minneapolis that had been without power for 4 days when we arrived. A tree limb had fallen on the utility lines and ripped the electrical mast from the outside wall of the house.  The previous electrical equipment did not meet the current standards of the electrical code or the power company metering requirements.  The electrical meters needed to be moved to the rear exterior of the home, the fuse panels needed to be replaced and the grounding needed to be updated

In total, the building was without power for over a week.  The people who live here were absolute champions and handled the inconvenience with grace.  The job was an undertaking but in the end everything worked out great.

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