Electrical advice from our master electricians on our blog
Electrical advice from our master electricians on our blog
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Fire Safety Codes Throughout MN

If you are doing any remodeling in your home, and have done a fair amount of electrical work, you may have some concern about whether or not some of the old wiring will be approved along with the new. No need to worry, if you use a professional MN licensed electrician, they will know and understand what is up to code, and what isn’t.

One thing you should realize before you buy a property, if the property will be an investment, then the Saint Paul City Ordinance 80-1  does require a certain amount of extensive upgrades that will help keep St. Paul up to date. By requiring these improvements, the city will do their part to maintain a certain level of quality among all the residents, and this helps prevent the area from becoming run down.

The electrical code was first put into place in MN back in 1881 by The National Association of Fire Engineers. This was in response to the fact that there really was no standard practice to electrical wiring, and many people did as they saw fit. Since then the electrical code has been reviewed and amended approximately every 3 years to ensure that all the latest safe practices are put into effect.

If you are not a MN licensed electrician, then it is best to hire one to take care of any and all electrical issues. Because electricity is truly dangerous if mishandled, and the code is changed every so often, using a professional is always advised. By law, owners are not allowed to work on apartments, condominiums, or attached townhouses, unless they hold a MN electrical contractors license. The risk and danger to others living in the building is too great to trust these skills to someone who is not proficient in them.

Like plumbing permits, electrical permits will need to be posted in a prominent place, to ensure that the work done is safely. They are valid for 12 months, and must be renewed if work continues beyond that. The easiest way to obtain an electrical permit is to hire an electrical contractor as they do this all the time, and will make short work of it. If you are facing these kinds of issues, contact us at Edison Electric, and we will be glad to see it through for you. 612-385-7864