Electrical advice from our master electricians on our blog
Electrical advice from our master electricians on our blog
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New Home? Have Your Wiring Inspected By A Licensed Electrician

Blog Bullet-e 50Moving into a new home can be a very exciting experience. Most new home owners have a home inspection completed before purchasing their new home. Many home inspectors do a very thorough job on their inspection report. Sometimes they note on their inspection report to have some items looked at by a licensed electrician. This is always a good idea whether it is listed on the report or not. We can tell a lot about a home by the wiring methods present in it, by looking at the age of the outlets and switches, by the electrical panel condition, and by the way the electrical system has been maintained. We can typically tell if the previous wiring in your home was done by a handyman or by a licensed electrician. If you’re a new home owner and have some concerns about your electrical system give Edison Electric Inc. a call at 612.385.7864.

If you’re thinking of listing your home on the market or looking to buy a new home and not sure what steps to take we have worked with some of the best Realtors in town. Give Jon or Dan a call at:
Jon Miskowiec (Lifestyles) 763.229.4965
Dan Sibinski (Greater Midwest Realty) 763.350.5850


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