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qualified Edison Electric electricians specialize in troubleshooting electrical systems

Having a puzzling electrical problem? Need a little help to figure out the source? Edison Electric is known for professional technicians who provide expert troubleshooting. No matter how minor or complex the problem, our electrical experts will discover the source of the problem and repair it back to pristine working order.

Troubleshooting Your Electrical Problem by Phone

From the expertise garnered by experience, our technicians can often recognize negligible problems from a basic description. Consequently, in some cases we are able to simply talk our clients through minor troubleshooting scenarios over the phone. This saves you time and money since you avoid needing to hire us to come into your home. If from a brief phone conversation our technician can tell that further investigation is needed, he will recommend an expert troubleshooting appointment.

House Calls By Our Minnesota Qualified, Certified, Licensed Electricians

In the majority of situations, a qualified Edison Electric electrician must do electrical troubleshooting in person. This is due to the complex nature of electrical systems. Any number of minor issues can cause larger, more serious problems if not carefully analyzed and properly taken care of. If you have an electrical problem and want to ensure the safety of your home and the ones you love, a thorough troubleshooting investigation is needed. A qualified electrician must examine the situation in person so that a proper diagnosis can be provided. You can rest assured that our professionals will provide prompt, courteous service when making house calls.

The Troubleshooting Process With Our Edison Electric Technicians

When an Edison Electric technician comes to your home for a troubleshooting appointment, he will politely ask you questions about the problem that you have experienced. Once he has ascertained what you perceive to be the situation, he will carefully investigate the source of the electrical issue. In many cases, what looks like an extremely problematic situation can be traced back to a faulty wire connection or a fraying cable. These minor issues are often easily repairable. Of course, our technicians sometimes come across more complicated electrical issues, as well. No matter what the problem, we will provide a complete diagnosis in a friendly, polite manner.

Upfront Prices For Your Required Electrical Repair

Once your technician is finished troubleshooting, he will provide you with an upfront price proposal for the cost of the required electrical repair. We always present our price proposals in a clear, upfront manner and we always seek your approval before any work is to begin. In almost all cases, the troubleshooting technician can complete the work immediately. However, in some cases, the repair may need to be scheduled for a future appointment.

Edison Electric is known for expert troubleshooting. Our unmatched attention to detail, coupled with the professionalism of our staff, consistently impresses our customers. We guarantee that you will be satisfied, and just to prove our commitment to excellence; we will provide you with a five-year warranty on any new installation that we complete. You will always feel confident knowing you hired Edison Electric to troubleshoot your electrical difficulties.

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